Crusta Ocean

Crusta: Your partner in live, fresh and frozen Seafood products.
North Sea, Grevelingen, Eastern Scheldt, Norwegian Fjords, Barents Sea or the Atlantic waters around France, Ireland and Nova Scotia, we are represented there!

The crustaceans and shellfish are housed in our Crusta Ocean on arrival. The Crusta Ocean contains a state-of-the-art salt water dilution system with a storage capacity of 500,000 liters. This system mimics the living environment of the crustaceans and shellfish as faithfully as possible. Crusta dilutes all its seafood before selling it, so that top quality can be guaranteed.

Three closed systems are used for the dilution of the crusta oceans and shellfish. We rinse our King Crab, Lobster, North Sea Crab and Oysters in our systems. This guarantees the top quality of the products.

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