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Peters Party Service

“EXPERIENCE AND ENJOY THIS IS A GOOD PARTY. Therefore, LEAVE THE ORGANIZATION OF YOUR PARTY TO A SPECIALIST. ” A SPECIAL OCCASION Everyone has a special occasion, a good reason to throw a party; a wedding, a birthday, a product introduction, an anniversary, or just because you fancy a party. But do you know that […]

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Crusta Ocean

Crusta: Your partner in live, fresh and frozen Seafood products. North Sea, Grevelingen, Eastern Scheldt, Norwegian Fjords, Barents Sea or the Atlantic waters around France, Ireland and Nova Scotia, we are represented there! The crustaceans and shellfish are housed in our Crusta Ocean on arrival. The Crusta Ocean contains a state-of-the-art salt water dilution system […]

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De Boer Vleesgroothandel

Artisan quality is a family tradition at De Boer De Boer Vlees is a modern wholesaler and partner in quality meat with a rich family tradition in the butcher trade. We have been butchers with heart and soul for many generationswith an eye for traditional quality. This history makes our wholesale unique because we know […]

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Vlees van Wolvega

Meat from Wolvega – Wolvega Meat from Wolvega. Your partner in sustainable, responsible meat. Wolvega Meat was founded in 1970 and employs 10 staff. Our wholesaler specializes in pork, beef and veal, lamb and mutton and poultry meat. The company is registered under the EC number NL 693. The core activity of Vlees van Wolvega […]

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Visgroothandel de Jong

To deliver Visgroothandel De Jong B.V. transports daily fresh fish throughout the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Fast and flexible delivery is possible by own transport. Because Visgroothandel De Jong B.V. employs its own drivers, there is constant control during transport. The drivers also maintain contact with the customers and can therefore quickly respond to the […]

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Since July 2014, our team can be found in several markets in the city of Groningen with a wide variety of high-quality fish. At Vismakelaar Poseidon you do not buy a fish, but an experience and we continue where others stop. We not only advise our customer on the purchase of the right fish, but […]

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Jelco BV is a fresh wholesaler that stands out for its total range of fresh products and excellent service. Thanks to continuous innovations in logistics, storage and creatively responding to market demands, Jelco has grown into a leading fresh wholesaler in the Northern Netherlands in recent years. Jelco imports and distributes a wide range. Thanks […]

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Mar Seafood

Mar Seafood was founded in 2006 and has long been a household name in the international fish trade. In recent years we have become a renowned fish importer and exporter. Mar Seafood is a subsidiary of Green Table. Green Table is located in the city of Casablanca in Morocco. 700 people work daily in the […]

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Quality Seafood

Born and raised in Urk, we grew up with fish and have over forty years of experience in the fish industry. We are experts when it comes to purchasing fish. We supply top quality fish products to wholesalers, retailers and restaurants, in particular Asian restaurants. All-round fish Wholesalers We are an all-round specialist in fish […]

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Maaltijdservice Oosterlengte

Meal Service Ooster Length delivers your meal at home with the best price / quality ratio. If you want to be sure of a tasty, healthy and affordable meal, Maaltijdservice Oosterlength is your supplier. Meal service Ooster Length was created more than twenty years ago from a table on the East Groningen table. Our goal […]

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