Since July 2014, our team can be found in several markets in the city of Groningen with a wide variety of high-quality fish. At Vismakelaar Poseidon you do not buy a fish, but an experience and we continue where others stop.

We not only advise our customer on the purchase of the right fish, but also provide information on how to best prepare and serve each type of fish.

In addition to customer focus, quality is our top priority. For this reason, we always get our fish from the fish auction, so we always have the first choice and the best quality. In addition to the fact that this fish is fresh and delicious, the fish is caught in a healthy manner without any adverse effects on nature.

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Body specially equipped for transporting fish, aluminum waterproof welded barley grain floor, DENSO SF2 R452a Cooling system with 230V stand-by cooling option.