About us


ThermoVans is a company who has specialised itself in delivery and installation of quality Transport Refrigeration units on commercial vehicles.

Through years of experience we have developed an unique system. We proceed where the vehicle manufacturer has stopped.

On most of the vehicles there are a number of original DENSO components installed. We are completing the vehicle into a refrigerated vehicle and make use of these original installed components.


ThermoVans is the central distributor for DENSO transport refrigeration units. DENSO is one of the leading automotive manufacturers in the world . This means a supplier who is capable to develop and garantee high quality standard products.


One of the unique points of our approach is that ThermoVans can supply a fully integrated Refrigeration System of which all main components have been developed and produced by DENSO. Transport Refrigeration is a product which need in our view a “Tailor made” approach. This approach is required because our customers have specific requirements regarding usage, lay-out and performance.

All components of the Refrigeration System developed and produced by one manufacturer means a “Matched System”. A major advantage of such “Matched System” is efficiency. Our sytems take less engine power and delivers more cooling performance. Moreover this also means reliability and long lifetime.


With DENSO and ThermoVans you make a good choice. We can offer a Tailor made solution based on your specific requirements using matched genuine high quality products.

After you have studied the various web pages you will have a good view of the variety of possibilities. You could inform us your specific requirements by completing and sending us the Quotation Request Form or just contact us.