Maaltijdservice Oosterlengte

Meal Service Ooster Length delivers your meal at home with the best price / quality ratio. If you want to be sure of a tasty, healthy and affordable meal, Maaltijdservice Oosterlength is your supplier.
Meal service Ooster Length was created more than twenty years ago from a table on the East Groningen table. Our goal is to put a tasty and healthy meal on the table for anyone who is unwilling or unable to cook. That we succeed in this is evident from the fact that already 2,500 clients, in the province of Groningen and Drenthe, enjoy our meals every day. Do you have a birthday or party? Our Catering service provides you with delicious and extensive snack dishes and / or salads for an attractive price. See also the section Catering service on this site.

For anyone who is no longer able to cook for himself, does not feel like cooking or does not have the opportunity to cook for himself, Maaltijdservice Ooster Length delivers a delicious chilled fresh seven days a week. meal at your home.