Visgroothandel de Jong

To deliver
Visgroothandel De Jong B.V. transports daily fresh fish throughout the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Fast and flexible delivery is possible by own transport. Because Visgroothandel De Jong B.V. employs its own drivers, there is constant control during transport. The drivers also maintain contact with the customers and can therefore quickly respond to the wishes of the customers.

Fresh fish
Delivering high-quality fresh fish is the aim of Visgroothandel De Jong B.V. To provide you with the best quality, only fresh fish is purchased. De Jong buys the fish himself and thus guarantees the quality of Fish Wholesale De Jong B.V. stands for. The fresh fish is processed and transported to customers on the same day of purchase. The short delivery and production times guarantee fresh fish.

Live Shellfish
For live crabs and lobsters you must go to Visgroothandel De Jong B.V. to be. The crab is watered in a self-developed living tank. De Jong does this to be able to monitor all steps of the process, in order to guarantee quality. The process from catch to transport is transparent and meets the quality requirements that De Jong uses.

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