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Van Smaak, Maaltijdservice

Van Smaak delivers the tastiest meals at home for the elderly and other target groups. The meals supplied by Van Smaak have been a household name in the province of Friesland, Drenthe, Groningen, Overijssel, North Holland and more for more than 45 years. Van Smaak focuses on the meal service for the elderly and people […]

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Groothandel AGF Kruizinga

Kruizinga AGF BV is originally a potato trade. We are now more than 50 years old. However, much has changed in the field of fruit and vegetables in the past 50 years and we have also kept up with the times. Fresh every day! In addition to potato trade, we are also a fruit and […]

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Sally AGF

For four generations, our family has been working in our still thriving fruit and vegetable company Sally. Four generations of Sally’s Fruit and Vegetables means a look back in time. Great-grandfather Lieuwe de Jong started ‘sutling’ with fresh fruit through the forests of Oranjewoud in 1915. At the time it was quite normal, basket in […]

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Vleesgroothandel de Klasse

Welcome to Vleesgroothandel De Klasse The total supplier in the field of meat. We know the origin of our meat, with this we can guarantee high quality. We also attach great importance to customer satisfaction. If there are any special requests, such as certain cuts, please let us know and we will do our very […]

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Weidenaar, Dokkum

FAMILY COMPANY WEIDENAAR FROM DOKKUM A family business with the third generation since 1927. In the sausage factory in Dokkum, the famous Frisian dry sausage is smoked on peat and oak. This is still prepared according to “pakes” secret recipe! FRESH MEAT In addition to the team of sausage makers, Weidenaar also has a professional […]

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Weidelco Foodpartners

Weidelco is a wholesaler with a total range of packaging, spices, cleaning products, nets, artificial casings and equipment for the food industry. Weidelco provides support for topics that are of interest to you and that allow you to focus on your range, efficiency, hygiene and promotion. Working smarter together. That’s the plan. For more information […]

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Vishandel Tel

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