Groothandel AGF Kruizinga

Kruizinga AGF BV is originally a potato trade. We are now more than 50 years old. However, much has changed in the field of fruit and vegetables in the past 50 years and we have also kept up with the times.

Fresh every day!
In addition to potato trade, we are also a fruit and vegetable trade and we also supply a total package of fruit and vegetable products to retail, catering and the institutional market. With direct purchasing channels we are able to offer a wide and deep range with a fresh guarantee every day!

Our quality is guaranteed through daily purchasing and through a wide network of qualified suppliers, we can provide you with the best products. The fruit and vegetables are cooled in separate storage areas, so we provide the ideal storage temperature for our products and it retains its freshness and vitamins. Within our extensive range of fruit and vegetables you will of course also find the most diverse variations of the respective season.

Also with our extensive production options, including a sophisticated range of raw vegetables and salads, we provide a wide range of customers with fresh products every day.

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