Toyota Hi Ace “Thermo Van”

De Toyota Hi Ace kent twee uitvoeringen als koelvoertuig te weten de Toyota “Freshman” en de Toyota “ThermoVan”

Toyota “Freshman”

  • Laadruimte isolatie ABS pakket met een hoge isolatie waarde
  • Koelsysteem DENSO

Toyota “ThermoVan”

  • Laadruimte isolatie volgens de zogenaamde hand lay up methode
  • Koelsysteem DENSO

Op deze website pagina is de ThermoVan uitvoering afgebeeld en beschreven.

Detailed information

Required Cooling Perfromance: (According DIN 8959)

2.5 x 1.6 x 1.4 (  5.9m³)    1 / 3 / 5 deuropeningen per uur  >     788 / 1308 / 1960 Watt
2.9 x 1.6 x 1.4 (  6.9m³)    1 / 3 / 5 deuropeningen per uur  >     900 / 1505 / 2265 Watt

Suitable Systems:  (According DIN 8959)

C Type (1500W), F3 Type (1700W),  SF1-R134a (1900W) and SF2-R134a (2220W)
(Could be combined with the original vehicle Airconditioningsystem)

SF1-R404a (3100W) and SF2-R404a (4240W)
(NOT possible to combine with original Airconditioningsystem)

  • See  Page “Products” for details of mentioned Transportrefrigeratorsystems


Insulation Package:

Seamless, according the so called “Hand Lay Up” methode (insulation value 0.8W/m².k)


Completely Integrated systems:

  • Up to 8% reduction in Fuel consumption through better CW-value.
  • Visually attractive.
  • Better acces to underground Carpark and Carwash facilities.
  • Less risk on damages.
  • No extra wind quivering.
  • No influence on the centre gravitypoint of the vehicle.
  • No adaptations to the roof of the vehicle, and therefore higher residual value.

Original TOYOTA – DENSO compressor and drive system:

  • Better match and alignment with the vehicle engine.
  • Warranty on the original components by the vehicle manufacturer.

Possibility to combine with the original vehicle airconditioning:

  • Increased comfort and safety, less chance on damage.
  • Higher residual value of vehicle.


  • HACCP certificate.
  • Stand-by 230V / 400V installed under passengerseat
  • Cargo fixation arrangements.
  • Various cargo room arrangements.